The Posthoorn (1956-1962)

The members of Verve met regularly in a pub called ‘The Posthoorn’. This cafe was established in 1934 and right from the start was patronized not only by painters and sculptors, but by all sorts of artists and art-lovers due to its vicinity to the Royal Theatre – Koninklijke Schouwburg.

Fotographer unknown

From 1949 the pub was also used as an exhibition room, mainly of work made by artists frequenting the esthablishment, like Nol Kroes, Jaap Nanninga, Willem Hussem, Kees van Bohemen and George Lampe. Soon the walls of the bar were too small to meet demand. When the adjoining house was up for rent the owner of The Posthoorn took the lease to give it to the artists to manage themselves as a gallery. Between 1956 and 1959 the gallery was an enormous success. At first it was run by Nol Kroes, George Lampe and Jan Roëde. They organized monthly exhibitions. The emphasis was on abstract painting. After 1959 the succes of the gallery declined because of a lack of enthusiasm to take on the whole organization of the exhibitions. In 1962 the gallery closed its doors. The Posthoorn continued with an active exhibition programme that is still going strong today.