The erotic and other subjects (1965-1976)

Nol started making erotic paintings during the second half of the sixties. He had never abandoned figurative painting altogether when he joined Fugare. Already in 1961 he participated in an exhibition of that group with a painting of a boy withs goats based on his travels through Spain. His obsession with biology, procreation, the overpopulation of Holland and his fascination with the human body inspired him to create erotic work.

In artgallery Orez in 1968 an exhibiton was organized of his erotic drawings for his fiftieth birthday, together with paintings made by George Lampe. Even though the owners of the gallery had taken every precaution not to cause a disturbance, a few days after the official opening the police came and confiscated five drawings, appartenly because they were in defiance of decency. It took almost three years and a decision of the court of appeal before both Nol and the owners of gallery Orez were released from prosecution. During this period Nol did not exhibit any work, not wanting to risk of this being confiscated as well.


When in 1970 the notorious drawings were exhibited in the ‘Haagse Kunstkring’, a new painting ‘Visiting the sick’ created a lot of upheaval amonst the Roman-Catholics. Nol had depicted a prelate who somewhat resembled the Pope standing behind a naked woman. In the end no formal action was taken and the painting remained desplayed until the exhibiton had finished.