Fugare (1960-1967)

After Verve, Nol became a member of another group, called Fugare (Latin for ‘to chase off’).

Fugare was formed in 1960 by George Lampe. The group intended to banish all naturalism from art, and stand against art that was without the individual and unique touch of the artist.




The members did not agree with contemporary styles such as that of the Zero-group. The style of painting and sculpting of Fugare was abstract and experimental.





After a couple of years the group died a slow death. Maybe the need for group-forming had disappeared because of the general acceptance of abstract painting as art. All members carried on working individually.







Theo Bitter (1916-1994), Harry Disberg (1921-2004), Jan van Heel (1898-1990), Willem Hussem (1900-1974), Nol Kroes (1918-1976), Joop Kropff (1892-1979), George Lampe (1921-1982),Theo van der Nahmer (1917-1989), Jaap Nanninga (1904-1962), Wim Sinemus (1903-1987), Frans de Wit (1901-1981) and Aart van den IJssel (1922-1983). In 1964 Gerard Verdijk (1934-2005) joined and in 1965 Christiaan de Moor (1899-1981).