1918: Born on  april 16th as Arnoldus Aloysius Kroes in district Schilderwijk in The Hague.
1940-47: Marriage with Nicolette Roest.
Art class (drawings) by W.E. Cox.
1943-45: Prisoner of war in Leipzig during the  Second World War.
1942-53: Follows art class (painting and drawings) with intervals at the Royal Academy in The Hague.
1947: Stay in Paris, taking art class in the international atelier of André Lothe.
1948: First exposition in art trade Martinus Liernur in The Hague.
1949: Lid Pulchri Studio.
1950-62: Marriage with Joleen Schreuder, two children: Anjuscha (1956) and Kim (1960).
1951-1957: Co-founder and member of Verve.
1952: Two murals in the post office on Anthoniebreestraat in Amsterdam.
1953: Jacob Marisprice for Painting-art for his work  ‘Man and wife’, depicting his wife Joleen Schreuder and himself.
1955-1957: Organized expositions with George Lampe and Jan Roëde in the art-room  of Bodega The Posthoorn.
1955-1976: Teacher on the Free Academy of Visual Art in The Hague.
1960-61: Mural in the post office in Delft.
1960-67: Member of Fugare.
1966- 76: Marriage with Thea Hamming, child Petrouchka (1968) and stepchild Juan (1961).
1967: Jacob Marisprice for the Drawing-art (2nd price) for ‘Riouw rijschool’.
1968: Exposition in gallery Orez in The Hague on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday, prematurely ended by the seizure of fife pendrawings  due to ‘being offensive for decency’.
1969-1976: Teacher drawing and painting in the prison of Scheveningen.
1970: Charges of ‘being offensive for decency’ of the fife drawings were dismissed by the court of law.
Exposition in De Kunstkring of the seized drawings, as well of new art among which ‘De Ziekenbezoeker’.
1973: In honor of the 25-year government jubilee of Queen Juliana: invitation with 24 other artists to portray her.
1974: Jacob Hartogprice for Painting for his work ‘De Courtisanes’.
1976: Passed away on January 13th.
On October 10th an exposition is opened in Gallery Adrean Stahlecker in The Hague of Nol's work and also of art made by 25 of his students on Free Academy of Visual Art in memory of their teacher.