Nol Kroes (1918-1976)

Nol Kroes is the leading artist who depicted the sexual revolution in his colourful and flamboyant canvasses during the sixties in Holland.






In april 1968 during an exhibition in the international famed Galerie Orez his work was confiscated by the vice squad at that time. This because the opinion at the time was that his work was pornographic and too sexually arousing for a normal cultured person.

After 2,5 year of legal action the opinion at the justice department changed and his work was exonerated, after which he could exhibit normally.

At the time his work was well featured in the press.


Nol Kroes won many prizes:

The Jacob Maris 1st price 1953 for Double Portret,

The Jacob Maris 2nd price 1967 for Riouw Rijschool,

The Jacob Hartog price 1974 for The Courtisans.


His art is solidly wrought, traditionally prepared work of high quality with a very subtle use of color. Despite the fact that he died young at the age of 57, he left a wonderful scintillating body of work of erotic nudes done in oil on canvas and in delicate pen and ink drawings.